About Wise

WISE Indian Academy School started on a sweet summer day of March 2016 offering CBSE curriculum for KinderGarten through Grade6 with a strong number of 500 students.

The distinguishing feature of WISE is it’s insistence on quality education. It aims at the highest standards of academic excellence. It is a child-centered school which ensures the all-round development of each learner . Special care is taken to develop a strong character and desirable values in all children.

WISE is a progressive school where learning is not limited to the classroom. The students have a series of interesting activities to widen the horizons of their knowledge. A tranquil environment prevailing in the campus is conducive to creativity and learning. The four pillars of education – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be are the focal points of attention.

The Principal, who is at the helm of academic and co-curricular activities, is the motivator, facilitator and coordinator of this organization. The school has the approval of the Ministry Of Education and follows its directives.