Learning Ideology

Curriculum Overview

Apart from Achieving Academic Excellence, we aim to Motivate and Excite Our Students with Our Syllabus. From Foundation Stage to the Sixth Form, Our Students will Inquire, Explore and Develop Knowledge, Skills, Talent, Character and Attitudes that will be Invaluable Throughout their Lives.

About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Central Board of Secondary Education, Enriched with the best International Teaching Practices. It is taught in all Indian Schools Affiliates to CBSE and Establishes clear Guidelines and Standards for the Subjects that Children Study, while also giving Teachers the freedom to Shape the Curriculum to suit their Students’ Needs.

At the Montessori Level, Children Adapt Themselves to a New Setup away from their home Environment. Here Learning takes place through Various Activities. The Teacher acts as a Facilitator, Keeping the following in mind :-

[a] Exposure to Knowledge in various fields is based on a Thematic Curriculum.

[b] Imbibing skills for lifelong Learning.

[c] Instilling a Sensitivity to Aesthetics through various Artistic Expressions, such as

At The Primary Level

  • Integrated and Interlinked Curriculum, Framed on the Guidelines Provided by NCERT
  • Connecting Knowledge to Life Outside the School and Real Life Situations
  • Activity to Ensure Holistic Learning and Personality Development
  • Worksheets to Enhance the Learning Skills
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Middle and Secondary level – Exposure to Different Aspects of Life.

  • The NCERT Prescribed Curriculum is followed.
  • The Focus is on Providing Opportunity to Learn through Everyday Experiences.
  • Foreign Languages are Introduced at this level.
  • A Platform is provided for the Development of the Latent Potential and Capacity to every Individual.
  • The Teacher as a Co-learner follows a Pragmatic Methodology that Kindles the Desire and Quest for knowledge as well as the urge to excel.

Senior Secondary Level – Exposure to Different Aspects of Life.

  • Our Methodology is a Holistic approach through which the Learner is able to Infer, Deduce and Generalize Information for Adapting in real Life Situation.
  • The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Curriculum prescribed by CBSE is followed.
  • The focus is also on the Preparation of the Students for Competitive Examinations.

Academic Year

First Term         –    April             –   July
Second Term    –   August           –   November
Third Term       –   December      –   March