Meet Our Principal

Dear Prospective Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to Introduce Myself as the new Principal of Wise Indian Academy, Ajman. It is a privilege to have been appointed by the Eminent Management Panel of this Educational Institution and entrusted with the job of leading this Young and Dynamic Academy. I am looking forward to working with every one of you in the School Community; the Motivated and Inspiring Faculty, the supportive and keen Parents and most importantly, the Young Students with their Extraordinary charm and natural curiosity. I have been in Education for the last 25 years in various capacities as Teacher, Counsellor, and Most Recently as Principal at Global Public School, Kochi.

I have enjoyed all of my roles and am proud to say that my deep passion and commitment to Teaching and Learning has helped me provide an environment that is Challenging, Nurturing and exciting to every single student in the School. This, I also aim to create at Bhavans Ajman too.

In line with Our School’s vision of building Global Citizens of tomorrow who are able to lead and govern, Our Mission is to ensure that the young ones in our care are intellectually challenged and well-supported emotionally, so that they have the confidence to be creative and questioning and the verve and drive to be Independent and Self-disciplined.

The initial steps in building this pioneering School Profile is to have high and challenging expectations. It is important that we are ambitious, and I know that our students will respond positively to a challenge. But for big dreams, we first need strong little steps, and I must emphasize the importance of basic skills. Quality time must be invested to hone Reading and Writing skills, which is Quintessential for a sound education. And for this I will be seeking ways to actively involve you, the Families and Parents, in the Children’s Education as well as involving the Community in the life of the School.

To begin this process, I am planning to have a couple of informal coffee mornings/sessions in School, so you can pop in and put a face to the name as well as introduce yourselves. These will be opportunities for you to express your views on different aspects of school life to me personally as well as to offer suggestions on how you think we can build stronger links and partnerships with yourselves and within the community. Your thoughts and views on how we can all work together in a meaningful way are very Welcome. I am always willing to meet so please call or come into School at a mutually convenient time or mail me at


Our New Updates :

New Staff


We are pleased to welcome aboard the following Faculty into our Family.

  1. Ms Ariya             – Student Counsellor
  2. Mr Nasef            – French
  3. Mr Vasanth        – Art


New Facilities


1) Laboratory                : Brand New and Sparkling Composite Lab is now functional and ready to be explored by our Young Techies and Scientists.

2) School Auditorium   : Expected to be operational by the year end and I cannot wait to host school assemblies and performances here.

These are exciting times at Wise Academy and I look forward to your participation in this momentous journey,

Best Wishes,

Ms. Indu Panicker