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The Uniform is worn with pride. It is an outward sign of the choice that Students have made to join the School and a way to demonstrate daily their commitment to fully embrace the values and spirit at our School.

We recommend at least two complete sets of the uniform per child. Parents are expected to purchase the school uniforms/attire prior to student attending school

  • Students should take pride in wearing their School Uniform.
  • Students must have a valid Identity card issued by the School throughout their presence in the School and during all out-door activities of the School.
  • Students must wear the uniform which is approved or provided by the School. There are different uniforms for regular classes and physical Education Classes. In winter Students must wear plain Maroon Sweaters, Prescribed by the School and as available in the School Stores.
  • Physical Education (PE) Uniforms with white canvas shoes should be worn on days when Physical Education, Aerobics and Yoga Classes have been Timetabled.
  • Students must understand that Wearing the Uniform without all accessories is considered as Incomplete and will be reason for getting cautioned or being reported to the Parent. Wearing unwashed crumpled or very tight clothes or clothes which are too small size for the students is considered as Improper Uniform.
  • Boys should have short hair. Any type of trendy hair-cut is not permitted.
  • Girls must make two plaits (braids) or tie two pony tails. No girl will be allowed to keep her hair open unless very short. Ribbons or Hair Band, if used, should be plain black only.
  • Hats, Caps, Sweat-bands and Sun Glasses are not allowed in the School.
  • Girls will not be allowed to wear make-up except on special days and when functions are organized.
  • Black Shoes  of the specified design & Black Socks with regular School uniform and white Canvas Shoes  and White Socks with track suit will be worn by students.
  • Only girls will be allowed to wear small studs in their Ear-lobes. Students will be allowed to wear Gold Studs (small) only after Parent request (approved by the Principal) and if the child is allergic to other metal or artificial jewellery.
  • Only Sikh Boys and Girls will be permitted to wear a Kada. Any other Religious Thread or Locket, if worn, should be inside the Shirt and should not be visible.
  • Girls must wear White Slips or Camisoles under their Shirts, whereas Boys will wear White Vests under the Shirts.
  • Nail Polish and Flowers in the Hair are not permitted.
  • The belt issued or approved by the School only will be allowed. School belt should be worn on all days, except when the PE Uniform is Worn.
  • Students from Grade 6 and above are required to wear the School Blazer on all days, except when the PE Uniform is Worn.
  • The Principal’s decision will be final in all matters, Concerning the School Uniform.